Walter's Cookies Cafe

Our mission is to provide ultra-high quality, freshly baked, delicious tasting cookies made with wholesome ingredients for you to indulge your sweet tooth! I can remember, as a little boy, my Nana's house always smelled of delicious cookies. I grew up eating the best cookies in the world baked with love by my Nana. I would stand in her kitchen watching her bake cookies for me and my brothers. I never saw her use a recipe. When I got older my Nana taught me how to bake her delicious cookies. She told me, "we bake all our cookies with a pinch of this, a little bit more of that, and the most important ingredient is LOVE". I listened to my Nana and have been baking Walter's Cookies for my family and friends just like Nana did for me - with LOVE. Now, I'm baking Walter's Cookies for you.

7511 Fallbrook Ave., West Hills, CA 91307