BGE's Tabletop

At BGE's Tabletop we are leveraging the positive impacts of tabletop gaming! Our retail store consists of about 900 square feet with about half of it devoted to table space to play games. You can always browse products online and in store at Anything that can be found online can also be picked up in store. Keep in mind that we keep some inventory (mostly overstock) in our fulfillment center. BGE's Tabletop will host various events each week. The final event schedule is still to be determined. However, you can expect events hosted at the store to be centered around using tabletop games for learning, Pokémon community events, beginner-friendly Magic: the Gathering events, various roleplaying games, summer camp programs, and after school programs. Be sure to check out our Events & Programs page for updates.

7517 Fallbrook Avenue, West Hills, CA 91307