Higbee's Toffee

Higbee’s Toffee is a third-generation recipe that began in 2009 as a small holiday business that I created thanks to some very good friends pushing me to participate in the boutique held at my daughter’s school in Woodland Hills. When COVID hit everything turned completely upside-down career wise. Since I was home, I decided to get my kitchen licensed and certified and really see if I could make something of Higbee’s Toffee. It has always been a blessing that just somehow took on a life of its own and I was excited by the feedback and support from customers old and new that were a positive force in support of small businesses. Higbee’s Toffee ships nationwide and is a great way to send a thoughtful gift at the holidays, birthdays or just because. I am now a Star Seller on ETSY where I have established a fabulous VEGAN following.

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